You were never really here

Galleria Huuto 2.–25.4.2021 

I like to think of the objects in “You were never really here” as shards or shells of beings. They are long gone, their souls perished, and a mere memory remains on the surface of the shells. A memory that glides on a surface, oscillates, pulsates and casts back as an afterglow. Rather than a bridge between what was and what is, this ‘memory’ doesn’t so much signify a recollection of what once happened in times past. Instead, it is a cue to an irrevocably ongoing happening of indeterminate states, events and processes. It’s a cue to consider what is happening before our eyes and what takes place only in our minds. A constantly sounding question, ‘Was I ever really here?’ What does it mean, can I prove it?

The installation is loosely connected to the book “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World” by H. Murakami. Empirical evidence and quotidian observations are called into question. “You were never really here” is a play of the perceptible, and its objects are but light touches on how human perception relates to an incessantly changing reality we inhabit. A sense of incompleteness permeates the installation; it’s as if someone had just started dismantling it. I’d like to leave an imprint of an indefinite process, duration, something that leads to no linear ending.

Seemingly stable in substance yet strangely fluid on the surface, the objects are made of thin, flat metal sheets. They get their shapes from being bent, pressed and depressed by hand and the weight of my body. To mould them I used as few tools as possible, aiming to closely examine the materials and at the same time render their rigid, supposedly inert materiality into something of fragile substance.

The exhibition has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the city of Nurmes.

You were never really here 2021 View from exhibition at Galleria Huuto in Helsinki, Finland
Dreamer 3, water-based matt paint on gesso on aluminium sheet, shadow, programmed led light, 7,5x60x50 cm, 2021
Dreamer 1, thermochromic ink on gesso on aluminium sheet, heating pads, motion sensor, 8x54x71 cm, 2021
Dreamer 2, water-based matt paint on gesso on aluminium sheet, wooden box, programmed led light, 24x20x9 cm (wooden box 30x40x45 cm), 2021