200 Milliseconds and Beyond

Collaboration with M. Laurinen. Studio Mustanapa, Rovaniemi, 2021.

Site-specific installation. Acrylic on canvas (230×470 cm), customized LED light with software, natural stone, stereo sound.

‘200 milliseconds’ refers to attempts to define a temporal duration of the present moment in terms of conscious awareness, to divide the indivisible into quantifiable units. On the other hand, the exhibition title is a reference to the ubiquitous state of impermanence and change that falls beyond our immediate perceptual capacities but which we are nonetheless made up of and in which we are constantly ourselves ‘happening’.

In Czinege & Laurinen’s site-specific installation the visitor descends into a black room and is engulfed in an ongoing stream of events, for which time provides no fixed anchor point. The ceaselessly changing situation resembles a weird flux of indefinable processes, a recurring continuum, where one perceptual event cannot be distinguished from another, and yet, where nothing is one and the same.